Live Young, Die Fast

Leave me here in my stark, raving, sick sad little world
doug, 26, lawrence

Hey! I’m wondering if you’d do me a favor! My band is quickly gaining fans and spreading our music via social media and we’d like to enlist your help! If you’d spare just a second of your time to visit our page at and hit that big thumbs up to give us a “Like”, we’d be very grateful. Every like and interaction with our page by friends is shared by Facebook and our page can be seen by hundreds of others that we might have never been able to reach otherwise. So, please, help a friend out and spread our love for music with the world and maybe make some rock star aspirations come true! :)
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Happy New Year’s from LFK!
My shameless self-promotion of my band. Please check us out and throw us a “LIKE” on Facebook! Thanks so much :)
And for your listening pleasure, a four song setlist of a few of our originals to give you a taste of what we’re all about.

A rough, one-take recording of myself playing and singing one of my favorite songs off the soundtrack of “Once”

My latest song: Doug does Country. How’d I Do? Kip Moore’s “Somethin’ Bout a Truck”

New song :)
Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran Cover) by Yours Truly

My latest recording: a cover of Alex Clare’s “Too Close” for more songs for more songs/videos

Track download available from SoundCloud:

My homebrew version of a song I heard while watching fire dancers at Wakarusa Festival 2012 at Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR. I recorded a short clip to remind myself when I got home, and then felt inspired to make this cover. Instruments used:
Synth: microKorg
Guitar: Alvarez Acoustic-Electric
Percussion: Pearl Jingle Primero Cajon
Vocals: Shure SM-58

Set to a video of the same group of fire dancers I originally heard the song playing in between The Avett Brothers and Girl/Talk at Wakarusa 2012. for more Wakarusa 2012 pictures/videos

My homebrew version of a song I heard while watching fire dancers at Wakarusa Festival 2012 at Mulberry Mountain, AR

My homebrew cover of Kings of Leon’s track “Closer” A stormy Sunday inspired me to create this cover. Background noises provided by the storm that hit Lawrence, KS in the late afternoon/evening. Instruments used: Guitar: Alvarez Acoustic-electric with Fishman Prefix Plus II Pickups / Carvin USA-made Strat Kit Electric Guitar through a Roland MicroCube Bass: Ibanez 485 through MXR bass d.i.+ Vocals: Shure SM58 Percussion: Pearl Primero Jingle Cajon mic’ed with a Shure SM57

Editting work done in standard edition ProTools track download available via SoundCloud @

Heard this song yesterday and decided to use my day off from work to record my own cover of it. I hope you enjoy :)

My cover of The Black Key’s “Tighten Up”
A rough recording, and my first attempt at multitracking.

My newly acquired guitar. A Carvin USA-made Kit Strat personalized by an unknown artist. It’s beautiful :)

My cover of “Memories of You” by Ryan Adams

My acoustic cover of “Blue in the Face” by Alkaline Trio