Live Young, Die Fast

Leave me here in my stark, raving, sick sad little world
doug, 26, lawrence

The Avett Brothers performing their song “At The Beach” live @ Wakarusa 2012 on the main stage - 06.01.2012 [Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR]

Girl/Talk’s amazing finale during his performing Saturday night at Wakarusa 2012.

G. Love and the Special Sauce performing “Hot Cookin’” - Live at Wakarusa 2012 - 06.02.2012 [Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR]

My recording of Grouplove performing “Take Me to Your Best Friend’s House (Tongue Tied)” at KCMO’s Midland Theater [03.30.2012]

My video of Young the Giant performing their song “Cough Syrup” live at KCMO’s Midland Theatre [03.30.2012]

It’s that sinking feeling of being alone
And it’s the way it makes you screech
And pulls the skin off your bones
And I can’t help but think, as I pick my mouth off the floor;
Will you still know me in a year?


Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid

(Source: aloneontheshelf)

you see flowers in these weeds

Is this the life; the one you imagined? Is this the life; the one from you’re dreams?

Live recording of Maksim Mrvica - Claudine. Beautiful!

Now I’ve been sleeping for sixty days and
Nobody better pinch me
Bitch I swear, go crazy
She got jumper cable lips
She got sunset on her breath
I inhaled just a little bit
Now I got no fear of death

i’ve got soul, but i’m not a soldier…

So go and pack your bags
For the long haul
We’re gonna lose ourselves
I promise
This time next year will be forevermore

And every night we’ll watch the stars
They’ll be out for us
They’ll be out for us
And every night, the city lights
They’ll be out for us
They’ll be out for us

Can’t get your memory off of my mind (My mind)
Just want your heartbeat on top of my mine (On mine)
There’s something dancing here in the shadows
And I wish it were us

maybe i was born to hold you in these arms…